Our values

Sail is committed to growth, but only if that growth is aligned with our commitment to disciplined business practice.

We are averse to debt financing and run our operations on the basis that they rank among the industry's lowest cost.

Our six fundamental investment principles
  • We adopt a bold and contrarian approach to business opportunities.
  • We invest only in what we consider are undervalued assets, the intrinsic value of which can be unlocked through our development of new products.
  • We invest in projects with large reserves and long-term prospects.
  • We aim for our operations to have the industry's lowest effective cost to the final customer.
  • We make acquisitions using little or no debt, thereby enhancing each project's health and mitigating short-term risk.
  • We do not play the market, betting on prices. Our view is that, by achieving the lowest cost of production, our projects remain sustainable at all times.